What To Do If My Dryer Will not Begin

My dryer will not begin and my spouse is so mad! Hey, it is not my fault! All the things breaks ultimately, and normally at an inconvenient time. Why cannot she put on one thing else that’s already dry? However no, she will need to have that one shirt and by this afternoon! Luckily, I’ve expertise in these issues. Sadly, my deliberate golf outing is now to be postponed. Let’s examine if we will settle this matter shortly!

First, I’ll examine the ability Dryer Repair Los Angeles. The breaker is not tripped, so I am going to see if there’s energy on the outlet simply to verify. There are three slots, so I am going to use my electrical tester within the heart slot and both sides one by one. I do not need to poke it into each outer slots – the final time I did that sparks went flying and I ruined my tester! I’ve 110 volts on both sides, so that is not the downside. Now I’ll make certain the wire is not the issue, by performing the identical take a look at fastidiously on the different finish of the wire. No downside there both. 2 exams down, and nonetheless my dryer will not begin.

Time to check the thermal fuse. I keep in mind it’s at all times white or black plastic, and positioned on both the blower housing or exit chute. I’m not certain whether it is on the entrance or again or this dryer, so I’ll strive the again first. Or maybe I am going to unplug it first – good concept! I take off the again panel and nope, not there! Let’s examine, the entrance panel has 2 screws on the backside and hinges outward to return off if I keep in mind proper. Okay, now I see the thermal fuse. I can not discover my ohmmeter to check it, so I am going to strive a trick. I am going to tape the two wires collectively to bypass it and plug the dryer in to see if nonetheless my dryer will not begin. Hey, it begins! I am going to have the ability to run this one load this manner till I get a alternative. However why did the thermal fuse blow within the first place?

I am going to guess there’s a bunch of lint within the venting. Positive sufficient, it’s filled with lint! I clear this out and now my new half will not blow immediately. I unplug the dryer once more and put it again collectively. I holler at my spouse to get her bananas over right here and take a look at my high-quality work. I step again as she pushes the beginning button and… nothing! She now does the hollering; “My dryer will not begin and I assumed you mounted it”! I rush in and shortly, and fortunately, notice I forgot to plug it again in! Let’s strive once more…

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