Keep Your Appliance Healthy

I’m here to let the public know how important it is for everyone to keep your appliance’s maintained and give you a few tips on what you can do .

First! on all appliance’s. You should always consult your manual! The manufacture usually will give you good advice on the proper way of maintaining your machine. If you don’t have the manual first try the internet or the manufacture to get one.

Lets get right to it! We will start with your Gas Dryer whirlpool stove and oven repair los angeles, Did you know that the Gas Dryer is one of the leading causes of house fires? Well it is! And you can help prevent this from happing even if you have a electric dryer you should still. Keep your dryer vent cleaned or replace it. It does not matter what kind you have, Gas or Electric, or what kind of dryer you have.You get the idea.

You should make sure it is maintained. And if you cant do it yourself have a professional service company check your venting on your dryer. One more thing, If it takes the dryer a long time to dry your cloths, Your vent may be clogged or restricted and you should have it serviced, this will save you time and money!

Lets move on to the refrigerator. Most refrigerators like: Subzero, Kenmore, Whirlpool, kitchen Aid, Frigidare, Maytag, Lg, Ge, have a condenser. This condenser is a cooling system for your refrigerators compressor, and the hotter it gets the harder it has to work and can shut down and even destroy the compressor if it gets too hot.

Some of these condensers are in a location where the customer can clean it. Of course, like I said before, you should look at your manual first and it should tell you how to clean your coils. You can use a coil cleaning brush that you should be able to purchase at home depot or lows.

Just ask for a coil cleaning brush for your refrigerator. You will prolong the life of your refrigerator and save money by doing this maintenance on your refrigerator.

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